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Cubic Yards (Your BEST BUY) DELIVERY AVAILABLE! Free Delivery with 6yd + Purchase
2-cubic-foot bags (for estimating only, mulch is sold in bulk) or
3-cubic-foot bags (for estimating only, mulch is sold in bulk) or
cubic feet (for estimating only, mulch is sold in bulk)
  • A cubic yard of soil, compost, or mulch fills about this much space: (1) 320 sq ft to a depth of 1" (2) 160 sq ft to a depth of 2" (3) 110 sq ft to a depth 3" (4) 80 sq ft to a depth of 4"
  • A cubic yard of soil weighs more than 2,000lbs; a cubic yard of sand or gravel weighs nearly 3,000lbs
  • A ton of sand or pea gravel spread 2" deep will cover about 100-120 square feet
  • A ton of decorative rock that is 1/4" - 3/4" in diameter, if spread 2" deep, will cover 110-120 sq ft
  • Most full size pick up trucks will hold 2-3 cubic yards of dirt, sand, gravel, or mulch; however maximum weight capacity may limit you to carrying less. A single-axle dump truck holds 5-7 cu yd of loose-fill material
  • Still have questions? Call us at 330-342-0361 we are happy to help with your order
Not sure how much you need delivered? Use our online mulch calculator to help you figure the math!

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